Graduated in Engineering from Manchester University 1992. Being trained as pure engineer initially, he feels that engineers are brilliant yet unrecognized
species. Seldom have we found engineers in the Top Post of an organization.
Due to this, he recognizes engineers weaknesses. Some of them are, engineers are not very good at selling their brilliant ideas. These species need People Skills. They need to learn how to deal with peoples, as well as dealing with their inner-selves.
He is responsible to look after the overall corporate strategy of Arif Minda Sdn Bhd as well as managing the Learning and Development section.
Other qualifications :
  • Certified Professional Facilitator, Malaysia Institute of Management (MiM CPT0156) –  SoftSkills, Personal Development & Project Management
  • HRDF Certified Trainer –TTT 2219
  • Professional Learning Facilitator Family (PLF) – Motivational & Personal Development –Take Charge Your Mind!