Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. We start opening our gate at 7:00am.

Children with special needs, like all other children, are accepted to the Arif Minda only after consultation between parents and staff. Do consult your child’s doctor before registering with us

Unfortunately, we do not accept children (4-6 years old) who are not toilet trained to be in our preschool program. However, it is permissible for students (3 years old) in the play school program to still wear diapers. Parents are highly advised to start the toilet training before enrolling the students.

Not necessarily, it is however permissible to bring food from home on certain conditions, such as allergy, etc. Do notify us beforehand.

Yes, you can. We provide a FREE half day trial session (8am-12pm)

InshaAllah we will try our best. Our facilities & area are childproof & safe. Plus, we also provide a school’s insurance which covers any mishap that happens within the school premises.

Our ratio of teacher to student is 1:15 (depending on the size of the class)

Yes, we do. Our overtime charges rate is RM14/hour after 6PM & RM8/hour for others

Yes, our kindergarten fees are eligible for claiming personal tax relief as we are registered with the State Education Department (SED) under the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Yes, you can. Our visiting hours are from 2pm to 4pm, Monday to Friday by appointment basis only. Click here to set an appointment.

Sure, we understand. However, we do require one month’s written resignation notice. We will refund the remaining balance accordingly.