Tadika Arif Minda was established in January 2006 to cater the need of a good quality preschool education. We are committed to give young learners wonderful and effective learning experiences, by using the best practices in early childhood education. It is also our goal to prepare the children to become righteous slave of Allah, caliph of Allah and ummah of Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. Tadika Arif Minda appeal to the communities who want their children to be well educated in both religion and academic area.

Currently, we have 5 centres including 2 centres in Seksyen 27, Shah Alam, 2 centres in Bandar Saujana Putra and 1 centre in Denai Alam.  We have produced thousands of graduates throughout 11 years of educating young khalifah of Allah.

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Tadika Arif Minda is managed by Arif Minda Sdn Bhd with these two wonderful persons as the backbone.

1. Puan Norafeidah binti Mokhtar(Founding Director of Tadika Arif Minda)

2. Puan Hasisah(Founding Director of Tadika Arif Minda)


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Arif Minda learning program is designed for children aged 3-6 years old. The curriculum follows the Kurikulum Pra Sekolah Kebangsaan (KSPK) by Ministry of Education Malaysia. Islamic studies are integrated into every topic within all subjects taught in the curriculum as children need a lot of exposures and opportunities to learn.


To be the leading preschool and child enrichment centre focusing in developing the Islamic values with the emphasis of English as a medium of communication


To contribute and provide an integrated pre-school educational program suitable for the early development of the child that produce a wholly practicing Muslim

To nurture the growth of children in all areas of development with Islamic values

To develop and prepare the children to be Muslims of excellent character who are highly motivated to learn, and superior academically

To generate sense of security, trust, responsibility and independence in the child


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Tadika Arif Minda’s Curriculum is organized into six areas of learning which’s:

1) Communication, Language and Literacy [Komunikasi]
a. Malay Language
b. English
(Dual Language Literacy)

2) Spiritual, Attitude and Value [Kerohanian, Sikap dan Nilai]
a. Islamic Education
b. Moral

3) Science and Technology [Sains dan Teknologi]
a. Science
b. Mathematics

4) Physical and Aesthetic [Fizikal & Estetika]
a. Physical and Health Education
b. Visual Art
c. Music

5) Self Portray [Ketrampilan Diri]
a. Social Emotion

6) Humanity [Kemanusiaan]

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– Conducted in English & Bahasa Melayu
– Learning Through Play/Thematic Approach
– Individual Learning Program – proven results
– Emphasis on 3 main foundations of learning: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
– Taught by highly qualified and well-experienced teachers
(specially trained by ‘Persatuan Tadika Malaysia’ and Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia)

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Tadika Arif Minda’s school hours are as below :

Morning session

Mondays to Thursdays : 7.40 am – 12.00 pm
Fridays : 7.40 am – 11.30 am
*arrival time is between 7.00 am –7.40 am

**gate close at 8.30 am

Afternoon session

Mondays to Thursdays : 12.30 pm – 4.30 pm
Fridays : 12.00 pm – 3.30 pm
*arrival time for Mondays to Thursdays is 12.30 pm, on Fridays it is 12.00 pm

**gate close at 8.30 am for Mondays to Thursdays, 12.30 pm on Fridays

***for afternoon session, please do not send your child before the stated arrival time to avoid traffic congestion

Morning Session

Mondays to Thursdays : 12.00 pm
Fridays : 11.30 am
Afternoon Session

Mondays to Thursdays : 4.30 pm
Fridays : 3.30 pm

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We offer 4 main services in our premises :

1. Pre school
Prepare the children with basic of childhood education and emphasize on Islamic teaching. Taught by highly qualified and well-experienced teachers.
Age range : 3-6 years old
Session : Morning(8.00 am to 12.00 pm), Afternoon(12.30 pm to 4.30 pm)

2. After School Program
For working parents, we take care of your childen after the kindy session.
Session : Afternoon(12.00 pm to 6.30 pm)

3. Transit
For primary students, to prepare themselves for KAFA class in the afternoon, after their primary school session.
Session : Afternoon

4. Fardhu ‘Ain Classes
Quran/Iqra’/Surah recitation, Solah practical training and Fardhu ‘Ain.
Age range : 4-12 years old
Session : Afternoon

5. Individual Reading

6. Hafazan/Daily Dua

7. Solat

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1. Pre school Consultation

2. Curriculum Development

3. Soft Skills

4. Motivation

5. Parenting

6. School Holiday Program