At Tadika Arif Minda, students will be learning the subjects as listed below.

1. Bahasa Malaysia

2. English

3. Bahasa Arab

4. Mathematics

5. Science

6. Agama Islam

7. Jawi

8. Art & Craft

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At such young age, children in Tadika Arif Minda are exposed and guided to do their Hafazan on :

1. Surah Lazim

2. Daily Du’as

3. Practical Solat and Wudu’

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Children in Tadika Arif Minda are often having fun participating in all of these activities during their school time.

1. Pyhsical Exercise(PE)

2. Water Play

3. Gardening

4. Birthday Celebration

5. Music Appreciation

6. Story Telling

7. Educational CD Program

8. Cooking

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Throughout the year, Tadika Arif Minda is always full of activities and events, and this make such wonderful memories to all. Among others, the regular events are :

1. Registration day

2. Orientation Week

3. Mid year and year end progress assessment

4. Annual Sports Day/Annual Graduation(Alternatively carried out each year)

5. Parents Day

6. Field Day

7. Photo Day

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Other than subjects listed here, we at Tadika Arif Minda also include these additional syllabus in order to produce high-achiever students.


 little  bacalah-anakku-150x150  al-furqan-150x150
1. Little Scientist 2. Bacalah Anakku 3. Furqan
 pnj-150x150   read_easy-150x150
4. Ladybird Series 5. Read Easy

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